Impact of Research at UTEP

$83.2 Million in Research Expenditures for 2013

UTEP research improves lives, builds community, and strengthens Texas and the nation. Research expenditures have risen steadily over the past decade, reaching more than $80 million annually and ranking UTEP fourth among public universities in the state. In any given year, approximately $250 million of sponsored research is underway across campus. Every $1 million of externally funded research at UTEP generates an additional $680,000 of economic activity within El Paso County.

UTEP faculty and students are actively engaged in the full spectrum of research in key strategic areas. Recent projects in the health and biomedical sciences aim to combat cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, create vaccines for HIV and Chagas disease, prevent obesity in children, reduce tobacco use, and understand the neurochemistry of drug addiction. In the areas of energy and the environment, UTEP researchers are working to make water desalination more affordable and efficient, test and certify alternative energy projects, document climate change in the Arctic, and stimulate sustainable forests and fisheries. To increase the security of the border and the nation, UTEP researchers conduct projects designed to improve forensic interviewing and battlefield decision-making and to protect against cyber-attacks. Other research ranges from enhancing bilingual education to monitoring earthquakes to preserving works of art by Georgia O’Keeffe. The University has recently announced new initiatives to improve the safety of human space flight, increase the ability of the desert Southwest to better manage water resources, and promote physical activity and nutrition.

UTEP’s success in attracting external funding for research provides students with real-world learning opportunities. Oncampus jobs in research laboratories not only expand student earning power but also promote deeper learning, improve retention and graduation, reduce time to degree, increase first-generation student confidence and motivation to purse graduate study, and improve job placement and career success.

Research Priorities

Source: UTEP Strategic Plan for Research, 2010

Annual Research Expenditures, 2000-2013

Source: UTEP Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, 2014

Inventions Disclosed by UTEP Researchers, 2001-2013

Source: UTEP Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, 2014

"We rate schools based on what they are doing for the country — on whether they’re improving social mobility, producing research, and promoting public service . . . The University of Texas - El Paso [leaves] several members of the Ivy League in the dust."
Paul Glastris, Editor, Washington Monthly

"UTEP’s long history and close connections with the community make it El Paso’s university. The educational part of our growth is very important to our community."
El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser

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