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The University of Texas at El Paso has profoundly shaped El Paso over the last century through its visionary approach, its effective education and research, and its impact on the region’s economy and quality of life. Founded as a mining school, UTEP has grown into a large public research university serving an urban, multi-ethnic, bi-national community – the largest metroplex on the U.S.-Mexico border.

UTEP offers a wide variety of cultural, arts, sports and entertainment programs that draw nearly 500,000 visitors to the University campus each year.

UTEP athletic teams compete in 12 NCAA Division I sports that host hundreds of games and events on campus. The Don Haskins Center, home of the men’s and women’s basketball teams, ranks among the top 200 venues internationally for ticket sales. Sun Bowl Stadium hosts the Miner football team, concerts and special events, and the annual Sun Bowl holiday classic football matchup.

UTEP’s theaters, stages and galleries host nearly 100 concerts, recitals and exhibitions each year, and Miner faculty and alumni perform in the region’s opera, symphony and other musical ensembles and exhibit their work in local, national and international venues. The Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens is El Paso’s natural and cultural history museum and the UTEP Dinner Theatre has been wowing audiences for three decades. The Communication Department hosts the region’s public radio station, KTEP-FM (88.5).

The Office of Professional and Public Programs provides a variety of professional training and skills development. Its clients include business, professional and government entities, as well as students, alumni and other lifelong learners. Community enrichment programs for adults and youth promote individual success, creative expression and skills development.

UTEP’s programs and practices also promote good stewardship of the region’s environment. New construction projects meet the highest LEED standards, and the University’s green technology saves an estimated $1.2 million in water resources each year. A growing number of solar panels on campus buildings contribute to the region’s environmental sustainability. The Chihuahuan Desert Gardens and the new Centennial Plaza conserve water and preserve the region’s native flora and fauna.

"We rate schools based on what they are doing for the country — on whether they’re improving social mobility, producing research, and promoting public service . . . The University of Texas - El Paso [leaves] several members of the Ivy League in the dust."
Paul Glastris, Editor, Washington Monthly

"UTEP’s long history and close connections with the community make it El Paso’s university. The educational part of our growth is very important to our community."
El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser

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