Economic Impact

$1.3 Billion Added to Local Economy Each Year

UTEP is one of El Paso County’s largest businesses, comprising approximately 5.2% of the total economy and making a larger contribution than sectors such as transportation or construction. The University is El Paso’s fifth largest employer and its presence has created an estimated 6,577 additional jobs in the region. In all, UTEP adds $1.3 billion to the county economy each year.

Over the past five years, UTEP has pursued an aggressive capital construction program that produced new research, student service, and athletics facilities. The $300 million in projects injected more than $100 million directly into the El Paso economy, increased business volume, generated work for contractors, supported more than 1,000 jobs, and will continue to advance the region’s economy.

Numerous campus offices and personnel strengthen the regional economy. The Institute for Policy & Economic Development provides economic impact assessments for community industries and briefings to city staff. The Office of Professional and Public Programs partners with the city in providing professional development training to executives and managers. The University hosts conferences, symposia and gatherings at which leaders, policymakers and the media consider new pathways for the future. Faculty members serve on boards and provide strategic short-term and longterm planning for businesses and civic groups in sectors including banking, city management, transportation, law enforcement, security and education.

Student volunteer work also has a direct economic impact. During the 2012-2013 year, students donated 560,581 hours of service worth an estimated $13.1 million. UTEP students and faculty mentor children, assist immigrants, encourage reading, develop leaders, help file taxes, judge science fairs and history competitions, share music with nursing home residents, and promote good nutrition and healthy living.

Declining Legislative Support for UTEP Operating Expenses, 1985-2013

Source: UTEP Budget Office, 2014

UTEP’s Impact on the El Paso County Economy

Source: EMSI, 2013

Return On Investment for Taxpayers

Source: Source: EMSI, 2013

"We rate schools based on what they are doing for the country — on whether they’re improving social mobility, producing research, and promoting public service . . . The University of Texas - El Paso [leaves] several members of the Ivy League in the dust."
Paul Glastris, Editor, Washington Monthly

"UTEP’s long history and close connections with the community make it El Paso’s university. The educational part of our growth is very important to our community."
El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser

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